Thank you for purchasing your new home from Anthony Neville Homes Ltd.

 Buying a new home can sometimes seem quiet complicated. However, we endeavour to keep the process as simple and straightforward as possible. With this in mind we have the following three documents for you to read to assist you with your purchase:

At Anthony Neville Homes, We are always seeking new ways to improve our customer service, and the best way to do that is to ask the experts – our customers!

Below you will find a brief questionnaire; if you have purchased a home from us we would appreciate you taking the time to fill us in on your experience.


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1. During the purchasing process on what level do you rate the assistance of the estate agent?
2. Throughout the purchasing process, how satisfied were you with Anthony Neville Homes Ltd?
3. During the process of the closing of the sale, what level do you rate the assistance you received from Anthony Neville Homes Ltd and our sales team ?
4. How would you rate the after sales service from Anthony Neville Homes Ltd?
5. What did you find to be the most annoying/frustrating aspect of the purchasing process?
6. Any comments?



  • Dear Anthony Neville Homes Ltd, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for a beautiful house you built for our family. We were waiting for this moment for a long time and we hope we’ll enjoy our life in Crosforge. Special thanks to the site foreman, who was always ready to help in making our house a real home. We are looking forward to the launch of the 2nd stage of construction to make the estate more complete. We would like to wish the company success and prosperity in such difficult economic conditions. Good luck and God bless you all.


  • We were first time buyers and the experience could have been overwhelming, We found the whole experience to be seamless and we felt like the house was being built with us in mind from the start. It did not feel like were buying in an estate. All the team at Anthony Neville Homes were very helpful and listened to any queries and reassured us of any concerns that we had. In particular we’d like to commend the foreman, No question was too unimportant or never went unanswered. He was completely professional and we felt like he cared about our home in the way that we did. We would highly recommend the whole team and would like to take this opportunity to thank them all and thanks for making our home special.


  • To A. Neville and Company I moved in to Crosforge at the end of November 2012. I had done my research on you, the builders, and on the site you were building on. I have always liked Saggart and your houses were the perfect location for me. I stopped by many days as you were still building my house and I was very impressed with the site construction manager and the ‘lads’ involved in building. When I moved in they were all helpful in explaining all the new energy systems and anything else I found complex. In fact, they are still helpful with anything that occurs. They are there on the spot and come immediately to resolve any problem. I might also add that your security on site has also been very helpful both before and after moving in. He showed me my house on weekends when no one was building and it was safe to do so. He told me about the excellent solar panel water heating. The first night after I moved in, I saw him pass by my house and felt secure to know he was watching for anyone who might come by to the building site around me. As far as your choice of selling agents goes I also can find no fault. Their main business was to sell and that they did well. The deposit held the house for longer than necessary because they understood the problems people were having at the time. Being a cash buyer I had little difficulty but was pleased that they were so accommodating whenever I phoned or came to the show house. Thank you for Crosforge and continued success.


  • One of the supposedly most stressful events possible was made extremely easy due to the excellent service provided from start to finish by both HTMOR and Anthony Neville Homes Staff on all levels were very accommodating and helpful. As for the house itself, it was completed on time and to a very high standard and was described by the independent builder who completed our snag list as one of the best finished properties he had seen in a long time.


  • We bought a 3 bed house at Crosforge, Saggart and we moved in 2 months ago. The house is great, unique-looking and well built, and the attention to details was great too. We really want to thank Anthony Neville Homes for a job well done and we thank very much the site management and all their colleagues who have been helpful, fast and professional with a couple of minor little things we needed to fix.


107 Tulse Hill

  • As a first time buyer, at the beginning I found the buying process quite stressful. The team at Keatings made sure I knew what I was doing, reassured me throughout the process and kept in touch with Anthony Neville throughout the purchase. I am grateful to Keatings for making the process so much easier than I expected. The hand over process from Anthony Neville was very informative and they have stayed hands on even after we completed making sure they are there to help with any issues or queries at the property. I would recommend both Keatings and Anthony Neville to anyone considering jumping on or rising up the property ladder.


81 Park Lane

  • I bought an apartment off Neville Homes Uk at 81 Park Lane, Croydon for a place to stay whilst working in London.The development attracted me due to the high level of finishes throughout the development with particular attention to detail in the Communal areas along with the apartment. I had some minor issues before completing the sale which were taken care of by Neville Homes in a friendly and efficient manner and ‘touch wood‘ i have had no need to contact them again.


An Glasán

  • Our decision to buy a home in An Glasán, from looking at plans to moving in, was much easier than we thought it would be. From the time we initially met Paula to look at plans and options, and all through the build and fit-out process with Anthony and his team, the process was clear, simple and everyone was helpful and positive every step of the way. It took the stress out of what was a major decision for us.


  • The Day that we drove into An Glasán for the first time, was the day that we knew that we wanted to live in this unique development. Anthony & his team made us feel very welcome from the time of our first viewing. The journey from that day, until we turned the key in the front door was extremely easy and stress free. Our home in An Glasán gives us the feel of living in the countryside although we are just a short walk to the town centre.